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Busbartrunking System

Busbar Trunking System

The VMtec Busbar Trunking System for electrical distribution is an alternative to cumbersome conventional cable distribution system. Busbar Trunking System has the advantage of expansions, Changes, replacement and reusing capability in the future. VMtec Busbar Trunking systems have a modern and aesthetic look. System is maintenance free.

PDFVMtec Busbar Trunking System catalogue
(PDF, 5,2 Mb)

Lighting Busbars

VMtec offer a range of lighting busbars. This is a modern and stylish system, offering IP55 degree of protection, and provides a great degree of flexibility transporting electrical power into industrial and commercial areas. Snap-fit joints and brackets ensure fast installation and the product is ideal for lighting and small power systems.

PDFVMtec Lighting Busbars catalogue
(PDF, 1,8 Mb)

Bustrunking - Air Insulated

The Vmtec Bustrunking - Air Insulated system in compact design is the most efficient, safe and ideal system for electricity supplyto industrial installations and high rise structures, offering a wide current range from 125A to 2000A in type CBC (Copper conductor) and 160A to 1250A in type CBA (Aluminium conductor) with possibility of feeding loads upto 400A with standard plug-in boxes.

PDFVMtec Bustrunking - Air Insulated catalogue
(PDF, 3,4 Mb)