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VMtec Busbar Trunking System


  • Busbar Trunking System for electrical distribution is an alternative to cumbersome conventional cable distribution system.
  • Busbar Trunking System has the advantage of expansions, Changes, replacement and reusing capability in the future.
  • Loads can be fed from Plug-in Box unlike cables, where each floor/ machine is to be fed separately from the main switchboard.
  • Repositioning of distribution points is simpler. Installation time is much shorter then cable system. This provides low installation and manpower costs and help for better time management.
  • Busbar Trunking systems have a modern and aesthetic look.
  • System is maintenance free.

Salient Features

  • Close proximity of busbars reduces inductive reactance, resistance, impedance and voltage drop is much lower than cable & any other busbar system.
  • Specially designed housing act as a heat sink to yield improved thermal characteristic, high mechanical and short circuit strength.
  • Busbar System has no chimney effect, hence provide a better resistance to the spread of fire. Automatic polarity is maintained during installation.
  • System can be mounted edgewise OR flat wise horizontally or vertically in any direction with all kinds of bends and tees etc.
  • The compact structure and steel housing allows much lower electromagnetic field around busbar system then cable.Busbars does not generate electromagnetic.

Technical parametrs

Compliance of Standard
IEC 60439 (1&2) & IS 8623 (1&2)
Independent Certification Authority
VMtec - Germany
Busbar Arrangement
Sandwich Type
Busbar Ratings
Copper 630 ~ 6600 А
Aluminium 400 ~ 5000A

Busbar Configuration

3 Phase+50% Internal Earth
3 Phase+100% Neutral+50% Internal Earth
3 Phase+200% Neutral+50% Internal Earth
3 Phase+100%Neutral+100% Isolated Earth +50%Internal Earth
Rated Operational Voltage (Ue)
1000 V, AC
Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui)
1000 V, AC
Rated Dielectric Voltage
3.5 kV r.m.s
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage (Uimp)
12 kV (1.2/50 μs)

Plug -in-Box

32~800 A
Rated Frequency
50 Hz / 60 Hz
Enclosure Material
1.6mm G.I
Surface Coating on Enclosure
Epoxy polyster powder coated (RAL-7032)
Busbar Material (Phase/Neutral)
Copper (full round edge ),99.9% pure ETP
grade Aluminium (full round edge), 99.5% pure.
Busbar Material (Internal Earth)
G.I 1.5mm / Copper 1.5 mm.
Busbar Material (External Earth)
Copper / Aluminium

Busbar Insulation

Multi layer Class- 'F' Insulation (Polyster +Mica)
Degree of Protection
IP 54 

For feeder bustrunking

IP55 / IP65 / IP67


Straigth Length (Feeder)

  • Transformer to Panel
  • Panel to Panel
  • Generator to Panel
  • Panel to Rising mains
  • Standard & Max. Length: 3000mm.
  • Mini. Length: 450mm.

Straigth Length (PIP)

  • For tapping Power from Main Line through Plug-in-Boxes.
  • Plug-in point shown are indicative only.
  • Standard & Max. Length: 3000mm.
  • Rating and number of Plug-in -Point shall
    be as per the site requirement (up to 5 Nos
    max on either side).
  • Two type of Plug-in Points(PIP): (32~400A)
    & (500 ~800A) can be provided as per

Uniblock Joint

  • Joint can be fitted / removed in installed condition without removal of section.
  • Heavy duty disc spring used on both sides for unifrom distribution of pressure.
  • Joint can be tightened easily with help of spanner on nut side only.(spanner not required on bolt head side)
  • Shear off nut ensure tightness of joint at desired torque and eliminates the need of torque wrench during installation.
  • Tamper proof cap over shear off nut prevents opening of nut after achieving desired torque.
  • Nut can only be opened after breaking the cap.

Edge Elbow

  • Current Rating: Copper 630~6600A, Aluminum 400~5000A
  • Standard & Mini. Dimn.AxB (mm): 300 x 300

Offset Edge Elbow

  • Current Rating: Copper 800~5000A, Aluminum 500~5000A
  • Standard & Mini. Dimn.AxBxC (mm): 300 x 300 x 300

Flat Elbow

Current Rating Standard & Mini. Dimn. AxB (mm)
Aluminum 4000~5000A
Copper 6000~6600A
400 Ñ… 400 mm
Aluminum 2000~3600A
Copper 3200~5000A
500 x 500 mm
Aluminum 400~1800A
Copper 630~2500A
600 Ñ… 600 mm

Offset Flat Elbow

Current Rating Standard & Mini. Dimn. AxBxC (mm)
Aluminum 4000~5000A
Copper 6000~6600A
400 Ñ… 400 Ñ… 400 mm
Aluminum 2000~3600A
Copper 3200~5000A
500 x 500 x 500 mm
Aluminum 400~1800A
Copper 630~2500A
600 Ñ… 600 Ñ… 600 mm

Flat Tee

Current Rating Standard & Mini. Dimn. AxBxC (mm)
Aluminum 4000~5000A
Copper 6000~6600A
400 Ñ… 400 Ñ… 400 mm
Aluminum 2000~3600A
Copper 3200~5000A
500 x 500 x 500 mm
Aluminum 400~1800A
Copper 630~2500A
600 Ñ… 600 Ñ… 600 mm

End Feed

To charge bustrunking through cables from one end of bustrunking.
  • End feed is available with sufficient space for direct connection through lugs and bolts. MCCB,SFU, lsolators, fuse holders etc. can be fitted in End Feed as per requirement.
  • 300 mm length of bustrunking is integrally fitted (measured with bustrunking) along with End Feed as standard practice so that joint between End Feed and bustrunking is exactly same as joint of two normal bustrunking lengths.
  • Undrilled cable gland plate is provided at bottom for multiple cable entry. End Cover
  • It is used to terminate and to protect the end of plug-in bustrunking (Rising mains run.)
  • It can be remove easily for extension of bustrunking
Current Rating Dimn. (mm) Copper Dimn. (mm) Aluminium
500 A ~ 1250A 600 600
1600 A ~ 2500A 800 1000
2500 A ~ 5000A 1000 -


Plug in box enclosure is made from G.I with side hinged door.
  • Plug in contacts are made out of silver plated copper with spring steel backup pressure clips for ensuring uniform pressure and low contact resistance .
  • For cables entry, provision of gland plates are provided on both sides and bottom of Plug in Box.
  • Earth contact of Plug-in boxes makes first & breaks last.
  • Plug in box are suitable for MCCB/SFU’s with rotary handle and door interlocking.
  • Plug in boxes are available with Interlocking with bustrunking to ensure "plug-in" and "Plug-Out" possible only in "Off" Condition.
  • Silver Plated contacts are properly shrouded / isolated.
  • Plug in box up to 400 A are compatible to all ratings of Bustrunking with 400 A Plug-in-points
  • Plug in box from 500A to 800 A are compatible to all ratings of Bustrunking with 800 A plug in points.
  • Plug in boxes can only be fitted on to the Bustrunking with corrected polarity i.e. ENRYBE.

SBA (Aluminium Sandwich Insulated Bus Trunking)

Application examples